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Product Name: Oxymetholone powder
CAS No: 434-07-1
Product Type: Pharmaceutical Chemicals
Product spec: 99%
Packing: foil bag
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Valid Period: 2019-04-28
Description: Name:Oxymetholone powder Trade name: Anadrol Oxymetholone powder CAS:434-07-1 Melting point:172-178°C Assy:99% oxymetholone powder Apperance: Odorless white to creamy white crystalline powder Storage:Oxymetholone powder may be sensitive to light. oxymetholone powder (anadrol) is the strongset effective oral steroid and oxymetholone powder (anadrol) has an extremely androgenic which hand in hand with an extremely intense anabolic component Anadrol Application Anadrol exhibits high anabolic and androgenic properties and does not bind strongly to the androgen receptors. Anadrol has a half cycle of only 16 hours and is taken several times during the day. If you are looking for remarkable gains in weight and size and that too in a short span of time then you should definitely buy Anadrol. Anadrol is perfect for bulking cycles as the user can gain an increase in weight up to thirty pounds in a few weeks only by taking Anadrol daily. Much of the weight gain produced in users who buy Anadrol is due to water accumulation. Water retention is quite prominent with this drug. In this condition, water collects under the skin. Water retention adds weight to the body and causes the muscles to bloat up. However water retention caused by Anadrol has one advantage; water retention lubricates the joints and protects them when lifting heavy loads. Another reason bodybuilders and power lifters buy Anadrol is that Anadrol stimulates the process of protein synthesis in the body which is the prime force behind the impressive build up of muscle mass. Anadrol not only has dramatic muscle building abilities but also effectively inhibits protein catabolism which causes the muscles to be wasted. People also buy Anadrol because Anadrol raises the endurance level in the body; giving more stamina for rigorous workouts. Anadrol also helps the body to recover rapidly from the exhausting exercises. In short Anadrol enhances the performance level of the user. The recommended dose of Anadrol is 50 to 150 mg per day which should be divided into many smaller doses. Women are advised not to take more than 25 mg per day otherwise Virilization can occur. Surprisingly Anadrol has many uses in the field of medicine. Anadrol increases the red blood cell count in the body and is used to treat anemia. Anadrol is highly effective in combating muscle wasting diseases such as AIDS and can be used to cure osteoporosis as well. Anadrol makes the immune system of the body stronger.
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